Alpaca the fiber that is is warmer than Merino wool, as soft as cashmere, and the only fiber that is naturally water resistant. Alpaca’s are not only cute animals, but their fur also makes amazing garments. When we humanly sheer our alpacas we get an amazing fiber that is perfect to wear.

Alpaca hair is completely hallowed, unlike sheep wool which only has air pockets. This allows for extremely unique insulation properties. When the weather is less than desirable, the alpaca fiber will allow air to permeate the surface and become trapped inside. Your body will warm the air and the fiber will keep it warm! When it gets hot outside the hollow hair will decrease the amount of heat let into the garment furthermore, keeping you cool. Alpaca clothing is perfect for keeping you at a comfortable temperature, no matter where you live!

Speaking of comfort, alpaca fiber is as soft as Cashmere! It depends on the breed of alpaca, however, Royal Alpaca and Baby Alpaca have the came Micron (length equivalent to one-millionth of a meter) as cashmere. All of Caamano’s alpaca is baby alpaca and we take a lot of pride in our breeding process so that we can have the most comfortable garments.

Can't wear wool because it is too itchy and you break out? Good thing alpaca is hypoallergenic! Alpaca is a fiber that doesn't have Lanolin, the itchy chemical typically found in most wool products.

When you wear alpaca you get the amazing feeling of cashmere, the warmth of Merino wool, and you can rest easy knowing that you won't itch!

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