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Three Friends



The Caamano Story

Love, Family, and Amazing products

The Beginning

Walter Caamano

It took Walter 6 years of hard work to pay his way through college and return home. He discovered his passion for importing and exporting while working for some of the biggest companies in Argentina during his college career. Walter Caamano is the founder and president of Caamano Inc.

When he returned to his home town, Chimbote Peru, he was accepted into Esan Graduate school of Business, one of the most prestigious graduate programs in South America.  During his time at Esan, he worked with a company selling gloves to people in Holland. Walter saw the true beauty, history, and art behind the Peruvian products.

Moving to the US

While studying in Peru, Walter met a family friend named Mary Zink, a small town farm girl from North Dakota. She was working in Peru with the Catholic Church.  Mary had a school that catered towards kids with disabilities, specifically children with down syndrome.

Walter began to develop feelings for this pretty American woman and before he knew it Walter found himself in the middle of a North Dakota winter. From sun tanning on Peruvian beaches to below freezing and 2 feet of snow.

Walter thought he could go to the US for a short time to sell some Peruvian products and gain experience with the language. His plan was to stay there for two years and go back to Argentina. It was an easy decision in his mind. However, there are moments in life where you have to really listen to your heart. Walter said, “I  didn't know I was already in love with her. But slowly I knew I couldn't go back without her.” Despite the difference in language, culture, and countless other challenges Walter faced in the US, he put it all aside and asked Mary to marry him.


After being with Mary for a while now, Walter mentioned that he needed to collect money from a customer in Breckenridge. Mary raved about the small ski town in Colorado.  She would not stop talking about the town and Walter saw the happiness in her eyes. “I will take you anywhere in the world that is the best place for you” was his reply.  Walter found them a condo and opened up a retail store.

The family

During their time in Breckenridge their sweater store thrived and the couple had two kids: Danny and myself, Peter. Our business has grown tremendously over the years. Despite the growth, Caamano has had its fair share of ups and downs. One of the biggest changes occurred when Mary passed away. It was an unexpected death and she is greatly missed. Mary was truly an amazing person filled with so much love, compassion, and great energy. Despite the loss of such a wonderful person, her death has brought us closer than I ever could have imagined.

Right now, Walter ,Danny, and I are working together like the three musketeers. It really is a cookie cutter Family business when you look at us from the outside. But let me tell you, running a business with family is extremely difficult and can get very complicated at times. It is also extremely special and provides us with a relationship that is strong to its core.  I am happy to be working with these two guys to provide you with high quality, unique, products! Caamano, Beautifully Different!