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About Us

           "I did not make a mistake," Walter, President of Caamano Inc., will say if you ask how Caamano Inc. came to be.  Walter was born and raised in Peru and after finishing his post grade in international commerce in Argentina, he returned and met Mary. She was a small town girl from Carrington, ND and teaching special education in Peru.  There was an instant connection and she showed him the United States and together they made a home and planted the seeds for what was to come... of the business.  In 1986, Mary and Walter decided to move to the Breckenridge, Co and bring with them the wonders of Peru to share with the world.

             Peru has been strong in making the finest textiles of the world for centuries. The artesian women of Peru use the fur of the alpaca.  Alpaca is a wool that is hallowed and in turn is lightweight and warm and these qualities are what makes the fiber so desirable. The beautiful animals are not harmed in the making of our products and we only use the finest baby alpaca in each Caamano product. 

In September 1986 Amazonas, now Caamano, was opened in Breckenridge, Colorado.